Bean soup with arcobaleno pasta



2l of water
1 vegetable stock pot
1 tablespoon of all purpose seasoning
2 cans of colourful canned beans
1 can of black canned beans
1 carrot
1/4 of celery
1 parsnip
3 handfuls of arcobaleno pasta
1 teaspoon of parsley
pepper to taste
1 tablespoon of flour
1/3 glass of cold water
2 tablespoons of cream
1 bay leaf
2 grains of allspice


Pour water into a pot, add a stock pot, an all purpose seasoning, carrots, parsnip and celery. Add bay leaf and allspice. Boil the vegetable broth.
Transfer beans from cans to colander and rinse with running water.


When the broth is ready and the vegetables are soft, remove them from the pot into the bowl. Do the same with the bay leaf and allspice. Grate the vegetables and add to the broth again. Also add beans and cook on low heat for about 5 minutes.
Measure the pasta and add to the soup.


Cook until the pasta is soft.
Season to taste with pepper and parsley.
At the end of cooking in a glass, stir a tablespoon of flour in 1/3 of the water and slowly pour into the soup while stirring. Cook about 2 minutes. Add the cream and it’s ready.
Bon Appetit!