Chia Oats Power Bircher

Is it better to start the day than the super healthy giving energy breakfast? This breakfast gives you an incredible amount of energy for the rest of the day and is incredibly tasty and healthy. Let's get started 🙂 Total Time 1 day, Servings 1-2 Ingredients: 1 cup raw oats 1 cup fresh apple juice … Continue reading Chia Oats Power Bircher

Vegetarian Swedish Dumplings

In the original version they are only with mushrooms. I, however, added coloured peppers. I do not know how they taste in the original, but mine is so tasty that you can not resist them. You can eat and eat and you do not have enough. I recommend anyone who likes challenges and tasty cuisine 🙂 … Continue reading Vegetarian Swedish Dumplings

Pineapple Bliss Parfait

Good morning everyone. Today a new day greets me and I want to greet my belly with something delicious and healthy. Pineapple Bliss Parfait is one of my favourite breakfasts. It has in itself not only granola, fruit and yogurt. Today it is additionally enriched with Super Greens Powder and Super Berries Powder from Bioglan … Continue reading Pineapple Bliss Parfait