Halva-cherry dessert with semolina

IMG_2750 (2)

A beautiful spring day. The sun is shining, I’m after training, so it’s time for something good and healthy. For something that will make the whole family happy. Halva-cherry dessert with semolina.

IMG_2745 (2)


0.5 l of rice milk
1/3 cup of semolina,
100 grams of vanilla halva,
0.5 glasses of water + water to dissolve the flour.,
1.5 glasses of cherries,
¾ tablespoons of potato flour,
Possibly sugar to taste,
a few drops of vanilla extract


We heat the milk. During heating, add halva to it. When this is dissolved into milk, pour the semolina. The whole is heated so that the porridge is cooked. When boiled, pour up to 4 glasses or cups. We leave it to cool, and in the meantime we prepare cherry jelly. Wash and dry the cherries. We get rid of the seeds. We heat the water in a pot. We pour the cherries into the pot. Fruits are cooked for about 10 minutes to soften. Between time, we add a vanilla extract to them.

IMG_2747 (2)

In a separate pot, dissolve the flour in a small amount of water. Once dissolved, add to the cooked fruit. We boil everything to make jelly. Ready to pour on semolina.

Bon Appetit!


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