What to do to improve the quality of your life and achieve inner peace.


Life is not just about eating, working, satisfying the needs of others. A series of different events, details and largely depends on us, whether we arrange them in a whole like a puzzle and work out what is most important to us, or simply put everything to a different date in the hope that everything will be arranged itself.

Many people go through life without thinking about how they live. It’s almost as if they were driving a car with the cruise control function enabled. Exhaustion is their constant companion and lack of time in everyday bread. They run between the home, work, children and spouse thoughtlessly, without reflection, without feelings. They do not realize that they only exist instead of living.
And so little is needed to improve the quality of life.

I will try to show how in 5 simple steps we can help ourselves by keeping time for ourselves and a moment of reflection on ourselves.

Step 1.

Do not underestimate sleeping.


Resting is important. More important than being up to date with a TV program. More important than watching a movie until late at night. More important than all social media sites put together. Resting is important and you must understand it!

Step 2.

Group activity.


Even if it means starting a new sport, you will have the opportunity to meet in a group of new people every week, and it’s a great way to expand your circle of friends. It can be yoga or dancing. The endorphins released in this way improve the mood. If possible, plan this activity at the beginning of the weekend, so that your two free days will have a good start.


Put quality over quantity.


It applies to everything in life. So if you’re planning a getaway with your friends to the cinema, it’s better to have dinner. You will have the opportunity to talk and not stare at the screen. If you buy two clothes, because they are on sale, and you do not like it, then it’s better to put away money to buy one that really suits you. Think about how you invest your money.

Calculate twice what will give you more pleasure and benefit.
You want to lose weight, but you love sweets. Before you reach for the next sweet bar, wait for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes if you still want to eat this, wait another 5 minutes. After another 5min, maybe you will not want this bar anymore, but if your appetite is still bigger than strong will eat this. Do not fight with yourself and think that today you have managed to put away temptation for 10 minutes. Tomorrow, you will go for 15 minutes until one day you pass the bar, as if it did not exist.

Step 4.

Leave as little things to do on the weekend and days off.


Try to do housework and tasks on weekdays. Why do not you put the laundry before going to work or when you return? Filling out as many duties on weekdays will free up your weekends and make you more organized.

Step 5.



Regardless of religion or religious beliefs, let’s try to believe that everything will be all right. Let us trust in our skills to be able to control our lives and make them go in the direction we choose. You are the helmsman and the sail of your boat.

Good Luck 🙂

Let me know what you think in the comments…




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