Muffins with red pesto and pine nuts

Goodnight recipe for one of my favourite muffins. Nobody said that muffins must be only chocolate, lemon or blueberries. I like muffins with different flavours, not only sweet but also spicy. Muffins with pesto and pine nuts are an example of such muffins differently. `Recipe after clicking on the photo '

Spinach smoothie with apple

Today I am going to revolve around spinach for a long time. I love this taste, colour, but I value the spinach for nutritional properties. Spinach leaves have anti-cancer properties and protect against atherosclerosis. The healing properties of spinach are merit of beta-carotene, vitamin C and lutein - known antioxidants. In addition, spinach is rich … Continue reading Spinach smoothie with apple

Omelette with herbs and cherry tomatoes

Good morning, everyone, this beautiful morning. In my opinion, only the smell after breakfast remained, because everything disappeared from the plates, but I took pictures so I can share with you. Unfortunately, only with photos 🙂 Omelette is very easy to prepare. You can do it yourself. Recipe as usual after 'clicking on the photo'. … Continue reading Omelette with herbs and cherry tomatoes