Very Gooseberry Cheesecake

Finally there is ... a recipe for this fantastic cold cheesecake. In my favourite colours - green and white. The quintessence of quality, visualization and amazing taste. You've never eaten a great cheesecake - everyone, lemon, raspberry or chocolate just hides. Delicate mascarpone cheese supplemented with slightly acidic jelly gooseberry flavour. And all this on … Continue reading Very Gooseberry Cheesecake

Tart with apples and dried apricots

Delicious tart with apples and dried apricots, strengthened with the taste of cinnamon and raisins as well as baked walnuts. Who would like to resist such an abundance of flavours? I share with you one of my favourite tarts. Like it? If so, leave your opinion in the comment. 'Click on the picture for recipe'

Zucchini stuffed with mushrooms and tofu cheese

Roasted zucchini with mushroom, pepper and tofu cheese under grated vegan cheese. A perfect dish for dinner or as an appetizer for dinner. Ingredients: 2 medium zucchinis 10 mushrooms 1/3 of red pepper 1/3 of green peppers 1/3 of yellow pepper 1 onion garlic salt and chilli pepper in the grinder to taste olive oil … Continue reading Zucchini stuffed with mushrooms and tofu cheese